God created the Universe,

And then he added light.

Then he added sun and stars,

To make the dark world bright.

He then added lots of smiles,

With a sprinkle of a frown,

Thinking we could always laugh,

When life got us down.

He then added lots of hope,

With a bit of fear,

And then there was the sparkling eye,

With just a little tear.

He added lots of happy,

With a little dash of sad.

He added a speck of tragedy,

To take good with the bad.

He also added lots of love,

With just a pinch of hate.

He said this recipe of life,

May sometimes come too late.

He warned us some ingredients,

Should be used so sparingly,

That only feelings of love and hope,

Are used to set us free.

Life needs no measuring cups,

Just a heart that's oh so true.

The recipe of life you use,




Barb Magdy Stanley

(Zack's aunt)

                                                                                                    August 16, 2002